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Surgical Procedures for the Face in Miami / Boynton Beach – Lee A. Gibstein, MD

Dr. Lee A. Gibstein has dedicated his surgical career to helping people look and feel their very best. As an experienced Miami cosmetic surgeon, he recognizes that a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing face is an important part of a healthy self-image. In addition, people who feel confident about their appearance also feel more at ease in various professional, social and personal settings.

To help his patients achieve their best possible appearance, Dr. Gibstein offers several surgical procedures for the face. He performs extensive consultations to help his patients choose the most appropriate procedures. In addition, he customizes each treatment to reflect the particular patient’s wishes, concerns and needs. As a result, Dr. Gibstein is able to consistently give patients the natural-looking yet harmonious and youthful faces they desire.

Dr. Gibstein and his talented Miami cosmetic surgery teams encourage you to schedule a personal consultation online, or by calling (305) 865-2802. During your appointment, you will have an opportunity to meet the team, tour the clinic, and ask as many questions as you wish. Dr. Gibstein will explain all your treatment options and help you select the best procedure for you. In the meantime, he invites you to research the facial procedures he offers by browsing the pages listed below:

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