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Over the years, Dr. Lee Gibstein has helped many women and men enhance their body contours with the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure. The stomach area is very difficult to get in shape through diet and exercise alone because the midriff is often genetically predisposed to store excess fatty tissue. In addition, many women struggle with regaining shapely stomach contours after pregnancy. Fortunately, tummy tuck surgery can help these individuals achieve their goals of a beautiful, flat midriff. Read on to discover whether you might be a Miami tummy tuck candidate.

Tummy Tuck Candidacy

Tummy tuck is appropriate for women and men with excess skin and fatty tissues on their stomach and sides. Often, the excess skin and tissue is a result of massive, rapid weight loss. When a person gains weight, the skin expands to accommodate the excess fat. When the fat is lost, the skin is often unable to shrink back. As a result, the patient might retain significant excess skin folds in the lower stomach area. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can make the excess skin disappear. Instead, these individuals should pursue tummy tuck surgery in Boynton Beach / Miami.

Another group of patients who often benefit from abdominoplasty are women who have completed one or more pregnancies. During pregnancy, the stomach skin rapidly expands to accommodate the growing baby. Sometimes, the rapid expansion puts too much pressure on the skin tissues, causing stretch marks. After the baby is born, the excess stomach skin usually retracts back to its normal position. However, depending on the woman’s age and genetics, sometimes the stomach skin in unable to regain its pre-pregnancy appearance. In addition, underlying stomach muscles may be stretched and torn. Mothers who struggle with regaining their pre-baby stomach contours are often great tummy tuck Miami candidates.

Abdominoplasty: Important Considerations

The potential Miami tummy tuck patients should keep in mind that abdominoplasty is not a weight loss surgery. Thus, if you are significantly overweight, Dr. Gibstein might recommend that you lose the excess pounds before pursuing tummy tuck surgery. If you are unable to lose the weight through diet and exercise, Dr. Gibstein might help you find a bariatric surgeon who can determine whether you might benefit from Lap-Band, gastric bypass or another type of weight loss surgery. Once you have achieved a healthier weight, Dr. Gibstein might then be able to perform tummy tuck surgery.

Patients considering tummy tuck in Miami should also recognize that this is a comprehensive surgical procedure. Contrary to what the words “tummy tuck” might suggest, abdominoplasty is not a simple “nip and tuck.” Instead, tummy tuck surgery requires a highly qualified surgeon who is experienced in a variety of surgical techniques and possesses refined aesthetic judgment. Dr. Lee Gibstein possesses the necessary education, training and experience to perform sophisticated forms of abdominoplasty and consistently deliver outstanding aesthetic results. In fact, his excellent surgical record has earned him recognition as one of the leading Miami tummy tuck surgeons.

Tummy Tuck Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Lee Gibstein performs tummy tuck surgery under general anesthesia. Typically, he begins the surgery by creating an incision from hip to hip. This incision is located low enough that the resulting scar can usually be hidden even by the tiniest bikini. In addition, Dr. Gibstein creates another incision in the navel area. He uses these surgical openings to remove excess skin and fatty tissue deposits. Depending on the needs of each tummy tuck Miami patient, Dr. Gibstein might also repair the underlying stomach muscles that sometimes become torn during pregnancy and labor.

In certain cases, Dr. Gibstein might also perform liposuction in conjunction with abdominoplasty. The purpose of liposuction is to remove localized fat deposits that sometimes remain even after the patient has lost a large amount of weight. In addition, sometimes tummy tuck can be combined with a lower body lift surgery in order to achieve a dramatic improvement in the stomach, lower back and buttock appearance.

Contact Lee A Gibstein, MD

If you desire to achieve a flat abdominal appearance, consult Dr. Lee Gibstein today by clicking here or by calling (305) 865-2802. As one of the leading cosmetic surgeons Miami patients turn to for their body contouring needs, Dr. Gibstein offers a range of treatments besides tummy tuck. For instance, he is also known as a highly skilled Miami arm lift, labiaplasty and liposuction provider. Visit the other pages of this site to learn more about these procedures.

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