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Cosmetic breast surgery can enhance a woman’s appearance and greatly increase her self-confidence. However, sometimes breast surgery produces less-than-perfect results. In addition, augmented breasts that initially looked great sometimes change their appearance over time. Furthermore, women who experience multiple pregnancies or chest trauma often notice unwelcome changes in their breast shape. Fortunately, most of these concerns can be successfully resolved through revision breast surgery. Continue reading to learn more about revision breast surgery in Miami with Dr. Lee A. Gibstein.

Revision Breast Surgery Candidacy

As one of the more experienced Miami plastic surgeons, Dr. Gibstein performs revision breast surgery to address a variety of aesthetic and health concerns. He can help women whose implants have ruptured replace the defective prostheses with new implants. Dr. Gibstein can also correct the placement of implants that another surgeon has located too high or too low in the breast mounds. In addition, he has advanced experience in correcting capsular contracture, a condition in which a large amount of scar tissue develops around the implant.

Dr. Gibstein understands that women often feel embarrassed when discussing their breast surgery complications. This is why he strives to create a relaxing, private environment where patients can openly discuss their frustrations, disappointments and troubles. He carefully listens to the patient’s concerns and desires, performs a thorough breast examination, and carefully reviews the patient’s medical records. He then uses this information to recommend the best surgical techniques to help the patient achieve truly beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Types of Revision Breast Augmentation

Revision breast surgery is most often sought by patients who are unhappy with their breast implants. As a seasoned Miami revision breast augmentation provider, Dr. Lee Gibstein is adept at resolving all types of aesthetic and medical breast implant complications, including:

  • Changing the Size of Breast Implants. This type of correction is usually sought by women who wish to increase their implant size.
  • Capsular Contracture Surgery. This procedure helps remove scar tissue that sometimes forms around the implant and causes an unnatural appearance and feel.
  • Double Bubble Treatment. Double-bubble is a condition in which the implant drops too low in the breast mound. During this procedure, the implant is repositioned into a more aesthetically pleasing position.
  • Change of Implant Texture. Some women who initially got smooth implants later wish to exchange them for textured prostheses, or vice versa. Dr. Gibstein can realize their desires by replacing one type of implant with another.
  • Change of Implant Profile. Women who get anatomical (teardrop) implants sometimes wish they’d opted for high profile (rounded top) implants, or vice versa. Dr. Gibstein can help them by performing an implant replacement procedure.
  • Implant Removal. Some breast surgery patients do not feel comfortable with their new physique and wish to remove their implants completely. Dr. Gibstein can help these women regain their natural presurgery bustlines.

Important Facts About Secondary Breast Surgery

Just like every other type of plastic surgery, revision breast surgery requires careful planning and patient preparation. Dr. Gibstein recommends that his Miami secondary breast surgery patients wait about six months after their original breast procedure before seeking revision surgery. The waiting period will allow the inflammation from the original surgery to fully subside and the chest tissues to heal. In addition, it will allow the patient to carefully consider all the pros and cons of a revision surgery.

While sometimes the need for a revision surgery is obvious (such as a ruptured implant or double bubble), other times the procedure is discretionary (such as changing the implant texture or size). Patients who opt for discretionary revision procedures should keep in mind that, like all surgeries, the revision treatment carries the risks of infection, bleeding and anesthesia complications. Although these risks are small, they cannot be ruled out completely. If you are unsure whether you should seek revision surgery, ask Dr. Gibstein for his opinion.

Revision Breast Surgery Procedure and Recovery

Each revision procedure addresses a unique type of problem. Therefore, each revision procedure is different. In general, however, revision surgery is usually more complex and requires a longer time to complete than traditional breast procedures, such as breast implants or breast reduction.

The recovery time also depends on the type and extent of breast revision performed. Many patients are able to resume most of their activities within two weeks. However, some patients require a longer time to return to their regular schedules. During your pre-surgical consultations, Dr. Gibstein will explain the extent of your surgery and the expected recovery time. He will also give detailed recommendations about what you should and should not do immediately before and after your revision breast surgery. In addition, he will be available to answer your questions and address any emergencies should they arise.

Contact Dr. Lee A. Gibstein

If you are unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, contact the Miami cosmetic surgery offices of Dr. Gibstein to schedule a personal appointment by clicking here or calling (305) 865-2802. Dr. Gibstein will perform a thorough examination and explain all of your revision breast surgery options. In addition, he can help you decide whether you would benefit from another breast procedure performed in conjunction with your revision treatment, such as breast augmentation with breast lift or a traditional breast lift in Miami / Boynton Beach.

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