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Dr. Gibstein is proud to offer his patients a full range of body contouring treatments. In addition to traditional procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck, he also provides leading-edge treatments, such as fat grafting and fat transfers. The latter procedures are minimally invasive surgical treatments that can help you augment various body areas where you would like to see more volume. Read this page to learn more about fat transfer in Miami and the results that can be achieved through this procedure.

Fat Transfers Candidacy

The fat transfer procedure is appropriate for men and women who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations. In addition, prospective Miami fat transfer patients should have enough body fat so that Dr. Gibstein can harvest the cells necessary for the transfer. The fat transfer procedure is highly versatile and can be used to add volume to various areas of the body, including:

  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Hands
  • Cheeks
  • Lips

Fat Transfer: Important Facts

During fat transfer surgery, Dr. Gibstein extracts fat cells from one body area and transplants them into another. The surgery typically proceeds in three stages. During the first phase, Dr. Gibstein performs liposuction on your stomach or thighs to extract the fat cells. During the second stage, he purifies the fat cells and prepares them for injection. During the third stage, Dr. Gibstein injects the harvested fat cells into the area you would like to augment.

Because your own cells are used in fat transfer surgery, the risk of adverse reaction is extremely low. In addition, this surgery does not require extensive incisions, and unlike a typical implant procedure, it does not introduce any foreign substances into your body.

The downside of the fat transfer surgery is that your body will absorb some of the transplanted fat cells. As a result, you might need several fat transfer treatments in order to achieve your goal. During your initial consultation at his cosmetic surgery Miami offices, Dr. Gibstein will explain exactly how your procedure will be performed and how many treatments you will need.

Fat Transfers Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Gibstein will begin your fat transfer surgery by preparing the donor site — the body area from which the fat cells will be harvested. Dr. Gibstein will then use an appropriate liposuction method to remove the fat cells. After the fat cells are prepared, Dr. Gibstein will carefully inject them into your breasts, buttocks, cheeks or another area you would like to augment.

Immediately after the procedure, you will feel sore and somewhat groggy due to the effects of anesthesia. Depending on the body areas treated, you might have to wear special bandages or compression garments. Any pain or discomfort will be controlled by prescription medications. Dr. Gibstein usually asks his Miami / Boynton Beach fat transfers patients to return for several follow-up visits in order to closely monitor the healing process.

The final results of your fat transfer surgery should become apparent within a few weeks. By this time, the postsurgical swelling will be gone and you will be able to evaluate the true results of your procedure.

Contact Dr. Lee A. Gibstein

Dr. Lee A. Gibstein takes great pride in helping his fat transfer Miami patients realize their body contouring goals in a safe, comfortable manner. If you are interested in this procedure and would like to learn how it can help you, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Lee Gibstein by clicking here or by calling (305) 865-2802. During your consultation, Dr. Gibstein will perform a thorough evaluation and tell you whether you are a fat transfer candidate. If you are not, he may recommend another, more appropriate procedure, such as breast augmentation or buttock implants. In addition, he can consult you regarding a variety of other body contouring treatments, including body lift, arm lift, labiaplasty and tummy tuck in Boynton Beach / Miami. Dr. Gibstein is also an experienced Miami liposuction provider who can help you slim down various areas of your body, such as your stomach, flanks, buttocks and legs.

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