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Facelift in Miami / Boynton Beach – Dr. Lee A. Gibstein

Dr. Lee A. Gibstein is an exceptionally talented Miami facelift surgeon who uses advanced surgical skills and fine-tuned aesthetic judgment to help his patients achieve ageless facial beauty. When performing facelift surgery, Dr. Gibstein’s goal is to produce refreshed and youthful facial contours that accentuate the patient's natural beauty. Facelift surgery softens the signs of facial aging and can be used to treat jowls, redefine the jaw line, tighten facial and neck skin, reduce deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose and produce a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

When you meet Dr. Gibstein at his Miami plastic surgery practice for your facelift surgery consultation, he will discuss your facial rejuvenation options in great details. To learn more about facelift surgery, please read the paragraphs below.

Facelift Surgery Candidacy

Facelift surgery is an appropriate procedure for patients who are unsatisfied with the physical changes of their facial appearance due to aging, sagging facial skin, displaced fat deposits, severe facial wrinkling, nasolabial folds and/or double chin. As an experienced, board-certified Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Gibstein can help you determine whether you are a good candidate for face lift surgery.

Important Aspects of Facelift Surgery

Dr. Gibstein performs several face lift surgery variations that range from mini-facelift to standard and deep-plane facelift. Each technique is tailored to address the unique aesthetic concerns of the prospective Miami facelift patient. The first step in determining the type of facelift most appropriate for a patient is a thorough evaluation of the patient’s skin elasticity, bone structure, facial wrinkle and fold severity, and individual aesthetic goals.

Facelift surgery techniques differ by:

  • Type of incision
  • The number of tissue layers treated
  • The degree of invasiveness

Dr. Gibstein will work closely with the patient to determine the best facelift technique and incision type.

We invite you to view our before and after gallery of previous Miami / Boynton Beach face lift patients.

Facelift Surgery Incisions

The facelift procedure usually involves surgical incisions in front of and behind the ears. In some cases, the incision may extend into the scalp. Dr. Gibstein places all incisions in the natural creases of the skin and behind the hairline so that postoperative scarring is hidden.

Facelift Surgery in Miami: The Procedure and Recovery

During facelift surgery, Dr. Gibstein separates the facial skin from the underlying tissues. Next, he reshapes the muscle and tissue. The skin is then tightened and sutured in place for a more youthful facial appearance.

Dr. Gibstein performs facelift surgery under sedation anesthesia in an accredited medical facility or local hospital, where he can ensure maximum safety for his Miami cosmetic surgery patients. Facelift surgery time generally lasts from two to four hours, depending on the complexity of the treatment and whether any other facial rejuvenation procedures are being performed at the same time. Patients are free to go home shortly after surgery. They are asked to return within 10 to 14 days to get their sutures removed. Most of Dr. Gibstein’s facelift Miami / Boynton Beach patients are able to resume daily activities within two to three weeks following facelift surgery. Full recovery and final results are usually achieved within two to three months thereafter.

Dr. Gibstein and his staff closely monitor their postoperative Miami face lift patients and guide them through their recuperation with personalized, compassionate care.

Prospective facelift patients who wish to learn more about facial plastic surgery and their treatment options should schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Gibstein by calling (305) 865-2802 or visiting our contact page. Dr. Gibstein also encourages you to schedule a personal consultation if you are interested in another type of facial cosmetic surgery, such as brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin implant or male neck lift in Miami. In addition, Dr. Lee Gibstein is a highly experienced Miami ear surgery provider who has helped numerous patients achieve a more proportionate ear appearance.

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