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At Dr. Lee Gibstein’s Miami / Boynton Beach cosmetic surgery offices, patients are offered a range of procedures for the face, neck and ears. One of the treatments that delivers the greatest appearance and confidence-enhancing benefits is ear surgery. Having performed this procedure for numerous adults and children, Dr. Gibstein has earned a reputation as one of the leading Miami otoplasty surgeons. Read this page to learn more about ear surgery and how it is performed.

Candidacy for Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can be performed on patients whose ears are fully developed, which usually occurs around the age of five. For children, Dr. Lee Gibstein recommends that otoplasty be performed as early as possible because early intervention will help the child avoid years of ridicule and cruel jokes and lead to a healthier self-image.

However, adults can also undergo ear surgery to correct their ear appearance. Otoplasty can help correct a variety of aesthetic problems, including:

  • Protruding ears
  • Very large ears
  • Malformed ears
  • Extremely thin ears
  • Injured ears

Otoplasty: Important Considerations

Ear surgery can help all patients improve their ear appearance. However, adult patients should keep in mind that their ears are less moldable than a child’s ears. This means that the surgeon might have to use more invasive techniques to achieve the desired result. Depending on the surgical technique used, the recovery time might also be slightly longer.

Potential Miami ear surgery patients should also recognize that otoplasty is a surgical procedure and as such carries all of the risks associated with surgery. While rare, bleeding, infection and anesthesia complications might occur. Dr. Gibstein and his staff adhere to the strictest safety protocols to minimize these risks. In addition, Dr. Gibstein performs all procedures at an accredited surgical suite or at a local hospital to maximize patient safety.

Ear Surgery Procedure and Recovery

Depending on the surgical techniques used, ear surgery might take about two to three hours to complete. During this time, the patient is under either general or twilight anesthesia. Dr. Gibstein begins each procedure by creating small incisions in inconspicuous locations behind or inside the ears. He uses these openings to sculpt the cartilage, remove excess tissues and reposition the ears. Dr. Gibstein completes the surgery by securing the new ear position with either removable or permanent stitches. The head is then wrapped in special bandages that must be worn for a few days.

Most of Dr. Gibstein’s Miami / Boynton Beach ear surgery patients take a few days off work after surgery. Many of them are able to resume all of their daily activities within four days of their procedures. However, Dr. Gibstein recommends that they avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks to allow the ears to heal. Children require close supervision during the postoperative period. They should avoid contact sports, strenuous physical activity and touching the ears.

Contact Dr. Lee A. Gibstein

Lee A. Gibstein, MD, has dedicated his surgical career to helping his patients both look and feel better. He performs each procedure with the utmost attentiveness and consistently delivers exceptional results. If you would like to explore your ear surgery options, contact Dr. Gibstein today by clicking here or by calling (305) 865-2802. During your personal consultation, Dr. Gibstein can also address the possibility of combining your otoplasty with other procedures for the face. For instance, your surgical plan might include ear surgery, chin augmentation and a forehead lift. In addition, Dr. Gibstein is a talented Miami facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and male neck lift surgeon. He can help you determine whether you might benefit from any of these treatments.

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