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As one of the foremost plastic surgeons in Miami, Dr. Lee A. Gibstein is proud to offer his patients a full range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, including dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Sculptra. These injectables can add youthful volume to the face, augment thin lips, and fill in deep scars and acne marks. If you have been wondering whether dermal fillers are for you, explore the rest of this page.

Dermal Fillers Candidacy

The dermal filler procedure is performed similarly to Botox. However, dermal fillers serve a different purpose. While Botox helps soften deep lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers help add volume to the face. As we age, our faces tend to lose the youthful plumpness that radiates youth and health. The cheeks might become hollow, the lips might look thinner, and deep folds might appear around the nose and the mouth. Dermal fillers can help remedy all of these aesthetic issues.

In addition, Dr. Lee Gibstein also uses dermal fillers to diminish the appearance of scars and acne marks. By injecting a carefully selected dermal filler into the scarred area, Dr. Gibstein can make the scar appear much less noticeable. This procedure can help young adults who suffer from severe acne marks greatly improve their appearance and self-confidence.

Important Information About Dermal Fillers

In order to meet the aesthetic needs of his Miami facial rejuvenation patients, Dr. Gibstein offers a variety of dermal fillers. The substances he uses are based either on hyaluronic acid or other dermal fillers. When injected in the skin, these substances cause tiny connective tissues to form around them. As a result, the deep lines and indentations are “filled in,” and the face appears healthier and more youthful.

The results of dermal injectables last up to 12 months. After this time, treatment can be repeated to maintain the youthful effect. Depending on the unique needs and desires of each Miami dermal injectables patient, Dr. Gibstein might also recommend a combination of facial injectables. For instance, sometimes a combination of Botox and a dermal filler might be needed to rejuvenate the upper and the lower face in a harmonious fashion. This combination is sometimes referred to as a liquid facelift.

Dermal Fillers Procedure and Recovery

The dermal filler procedure typically requires less than half an hour to perform. During this time, Dr. Gibstein might apply a topical anesthetic to the target area in order to minimize any discomfort. He then uses very fine needles to inject the filler into the skin. After the injections are completed, the Miami / Boynton Beach dermal filler patient is free to return to his or her regular activities.

The dermal fillers procedure requires no recovery time and typically causes no post-treatment discomfort. However, Dr. Gibstein cautions that sometimes the injected area might feel a little sensitive and appear slightly swollen. The swelling subsides quickly, and the process can be sped up by applying ice to the treated area. However, the vast majority of Dr. Gibstein’s Miami dermal fillers patients do not experience any post-treatment discomfort and are able to return to their daily schedules right away.

Contact Lee Gibstein, MD

Dr. Lee Gibstein encourages you to schedule a personal consultation to find out whether you are a Miami facial fillers or Miami Botox candidate. During your appointment, Dr. Gibstein can also explain other non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, such as chemical peel and dermabrasion in Miami. At his offices, you can also purchase prescription-strength skin care products matched to your skin type and skincare needs. To contact Dr. Lee Gibstein, call (305) 865-2802 or click here.

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