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Chin Implant Surgery in Miami / Boynton Beach – Lee A. Gibstein, MD

Lee A. Gibstein, MD, is proud to help numerous patients seeking facial plastic surgery in Miami. He takes great satisfaction in helping his patients correct aesthetic imperfections, reduce the signs of aging and enhance the overall beautify of their face. Since every patient has a unique set of concerns and desires, Dr. Gibstein offers a wealth of procedures to address all of their needs. One treatment his patients often request is chin implant surgery. Read on to learn more about this procedure and how it can help you emphasize your facial features.

Chin Implant Surgery Candidacy

An ideal Miami chin implant surgery candidate is a man or a woman with fully developed facial bones. Most patients who seek chin implants have a slightly weak jaw line. Some patients also have a chin that is too rounded or simply too small. As a result, the overall balance of the face might be slightly distorted. By performing chin implant surgery, Dr. Lee Gibstein can strengthen the jaw line and enhance the symmetry of the facial oval.

Dr. Gibstein emphasizes that chin implant surgery can benefit both men and women. Men typically pursue this treatment to achieve a squarer, more masculine chin. Women often undergo chin augmentation to slightly enhance a chin that is too small or droopy. Dr. Gibstein offers a range of implant sizes and types to fit the needs of all of his patients.

Chin Implants: Important Considerations

Chin implant surgery will create a permanent change in your appearance. Therefore, you should carefully consider all of the pros and cons of this treatment. Ask plenty of questions and freely discuss all your concerns and desires with Dr. Gibstein. He will take this information into account when designing your personal treatment plan.

In addition, Dr. Gibstein will show you a number of before and after photos of his former Miami chin implant patients. By browsing the photos, you will be able to point out the chin augmentation results you like. Dr. Gibstein will then explain whether and how you can achieve similar results.

Dr. Gibstein will also carefully evaluate your medical history and overall health to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. He will ask about your diet and exercise routine, any medication or supplements you are taking, whether you smoke and factors that affect your stress level. Finally, he will provide you with detailed suggestions about how to prepare for your surgery.

Chin Augmentation Procedure and Recovery

Chin augmentation usually requires about one hour to perform. During this time, Dr. Gibstein creates a small incision under the chin, inserts the implant, positions it in place and closes the incision. If you decide to undergo chin augmentation in conjunction with another facial procedure, such as Miami facelift, eyelid surgery or forehead lift, the time in surgery will be longer.

Contact Dr. Lee A. Gibstein

If you feel that your chin is taking away from the beauty of your face, discuss chin implant surgery with Dr. Gibstein. You can contact him by clicking here or by calling (305) 865-2802. As one of the most experienced Miami plastic surgeons, Dr. Gibstein performs a variety of facial procedures in addition to chin augmentation. In fact, he is regarded as one of the top Miami / Boynton Beach rhinoplasty, male neck lift surgery and otoplasty providers. Visit the other pages of this website to learn more about these procedures.

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