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Breast reduction can help women with overly large breasts achieve a more proportionate breast appearance. In addition, this procedure often alleviates back pain caused by very heavy breasts. It can also improve patients’ posture, relieve their persistent tension headaches and improve their overall well-being. If you would like to learn more about breast reduction in Miami, read on to find out how Dr. Lee A. Gibstein performs this procedure.

Are You a Breast Reduction Candidate?

Dr. Gibstein typically recommends breast reduction for adult women who suffer persistent physical and psychological discomfort due to their large breast size. He also performs this surgery for young adults and teenagers who have a family history of overly large breasts. When performed early, breast reduction surgery can save a young girl from years of unwanted attention and rude jokes. A smaller bustline can also make it more comfortable to participate in a variety of sports, such as soccer, swimming and track and field.

Breast Reduction: Important Considerations

Breast reduction surgery can deliver a range of medical and aesthetic benefits. Most Miami breast reduction patients notice decreased back and shoulder pain, improved posture and easier breathing after this surgery. In addition, they feel more self-confident and more satisfied with their body image. In fact, many girls and women are finally able to wear form-fitting clothes and bathing suits without the fear of looking extremely curvaceous.

Besides its immediate positive effects, breast reduction also delivers a number of long-term benefits. For instance, Miami breast reduction patients have a lower risk of premature breast sagging, a common concern among women with extremely large breasts. In addition, women who pursue breast reduction often save themselves from chronic back pain and upper body tension.

However, like all surgical procedures, breast reduction is not completely risk-free. Although the chances of surgical side effects are small, you should be aware that infections, bleeding and anesthesia complications are possible. To lower these risks, Dr. Gibstein and his team adhere to the strictest safety protocols and perform all procedures at an accredited surgical suite or local hospital.

Breast Reduction Procedure and Recovery

Breast reduction is a complex surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of breast reduction required, the time in surgery might vary from two to four hours. During the surgery, Dr. Gibstein typically creates one incision under the breast, a second stretching from underneath the breast to the nipple and a third around the nipple. Dr. Gibstein uses these openings to remove the redundant soft tissues, skin and fat as well as elevate the nipple to a higher position. In some cases, he might also use liposuction to achieve the best possible results.

The full recovery after breast reduction typically takes about one month. However, most Miami / Boynton Beach breast reduction patients are able to resume light activity one week after their procedures. Some patients are able to return to work at this time, while others might require a slightly longer recovery time. In either case, Dr. Gibstein strongly urges patients not to perform any lifting or strenuous exercise for at least three weeks after surgery.

Contact Dr. Lee Gibstein

Contact the offices of leading Miami / Boynton Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Gibstein to learn about your breast reduction options. You can reach him by clicking here or by calling (305) 865-2802. Dr. Gibstein will help you decide whether you should pursue breast reduction, as well as explain the available financing options. In some cases, your procedure might be fully or partially covered by insurance. During your appointment, Dr. Gibstein will also answer any questions you might have about other breast procedures, such as revision breast surgery, breast lift, breast lift with augmentation and breast augmentation in Miami.

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