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Botox is one of the best-known names in plastic surgery. It is an advanced facial injectable that can relax deep lines, soften wrinkles and reduce the prominence of crow’s feet. The Botox procedure is completed in mere minutes, and patients are able to return to work almost immediately. If you would like to find out how Botox can help you realize your beauty goals, read on.

Botox Injections Candidacy

As a leading Miami Botox provider, Dr. Lee Gibstein is experienced in a variety of advanced Botox applications. The majority of Botox patients are men and women in their 40s and 50s. In this age group, Botox can be used to soften deep lines of the forehead, remove indentations between the eyebrows, and smooth crow’s feet around the eyes. In younger Miami cosmetic surgery patients, Botox can be used to ease premature wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. In older patients, Botox is often used to enhance the results of surgical procedures, such as facelift, eyelid surgery or a forehead lift.

While Botox injections have become commonplace, Dr. Gibstein reminds his patients that getting Botox is an important decision. Prospective Miami Botox patients should carefully research this procedure, know all the pros and cons, and have realistic expectations. In order to help patients set attainable goals, Dr. Lee Gibstein recommends that they view the before and after photos of his former Miami / Boynton Beach Botox patients.

Botox: Important Considerations

Botox is a form of the Clostridium botulinum toxin that, when injected into the skin, temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause wrinkles as well as the nerves that stimulate sweat glands. What Botox can do for you can be determined only during a personal consultation with Dr. Gibstein. Generally, Botox can be used to achieve the following goals:

  • Soften facial wrinkles and lines

This is the most common application of Botox. Dr. Lee Gibstein and his medical team have years of experience using Botox injections to help their patients smooth their foreheads, brighten their eyes and soften the worry lines between the eyebrows.

  • Enhance the results of surgical procedures

Dr. Gibstein often recommends Botox injections for patients who have undergone facelift, eyelid surgery or brow lift in Miami. For these patients, Botox can help in two ways. First, skillful Botox injections can improve and refine the surgical results. Second, periodic Botox injections can extend the results of the surgical procedures.

  • Decrease excessive sweating

Botox can also be used to decrease excessive sweating. When used for this purpose, Botox is injected in the armpits. The substance works by paralyzing the nerves that stimulate sweat glands and thus reducing the amount of sweat produced by them.

Botox Procedure and Recovery

Botox is an excellent procedure for busy individuals who are looking for a quick rejuvenation and put off surgery for a future time. Botox requires minimal patient preparation, and the procedure can be completed within minutes. There is no recovery time, and the Botox Miami patient can return to work almost immediately after the treatment. This is why Botox is sometimes referred to as the “lunchtime plastic surgery.”

Even though Botox is a non-invasive procedure, Dr. Gibstein cautions that it should be performed only by a licensed medical practitioner in a controlled, safe environment. By receiving the procedure from a renowned Miami Botox provider like Dr. Gibstein, patients can help ensure that they will get the best possible results in a comfortable, safe manner.

Contact Lee Gibstein, MD

If you would like to rejuvenate your facial appearance but don't like the idea of surgery, ask Dr. Lee A. Gibstein about Botox injections. As a leading Miami cosmetic surgery and injectables provider, he offers both Botox and dermal fillers, such as Radiesse in Miami. In addition, Dr. Gibstein offers dermabrasion, chemical peels and prescription skin care in Boynton Beach / Miami. To contact Dr. Lee Gibstein and set up a personal consultation, call (305) 865-2802 or click here.

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