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Dr. Lee Gibstein is a highly educated Miami plastic surgery provider who performs state-of-the-art body contouring procedures. Recognizing that each patient has a unique set of body contouring needs and desires, Dr. Gibstein works diligently to create highly customized treatment plans. For patients who require a comprehensive body reshaping, Dr. Gibstein offers body lift surgery, a leading-edge combination treatment that includes several procedures customized to meet the aesthetic goals of each Miami body contouring patient. Explore this page to learn more about body lift surgery.

Body Lift Candidacy

Body lift surgery is typically pursued by individuals who have lost a massive amount of weight. The weight loss might be a result of a diligent diet and exercise regimen or weight loss surgery such as Lap Band or gastric bypass. Both of these treatments restrict the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body, thus inducing rapid weight loss.

After the unwanted pounds have melted away, many patients pursue plastic surgery to complete their weight loss journey. The main reason why they seek surgical body contouring is to remove the excess skin folds left after weight loss.

Lower Body Lift

A particularly problematic area for post-bariatric surgery patients is the lower body (stomach, hips and buttocks). The excess skin in this area not only creates aesthetic issues but can also cause rashes and infections and interfere with sports activities. Dr. Gibstein can remove the redundant tissues by performing lower body lift in Miami.

Upper Body Lift

Some body lift Miami / Boynton Beach patients also suffer from excess skin on the upper body. Common problem areas are the bra line, the chest area and the arms. Dr. Gibstein can help sculpt these areas by performing the upper body lift and arm lift procedures.

Body Lift: Important Considerations

Body lift is a procedure that ranks very high in terms of patient satisfaction. This is because body lift helps improve patients’ appearance and also serves as a reward for their weight loss efforts. Dr. Gibstein therefore encourages every man and woman who suffers from post-weight loss body image issues to discuss post-bariatric body contouring with him. He and his experienced medical staff can help prospective Miami body lift patients explore all of their treatment options, choose the best procedures and make financing arrangements. In addition, they can help patients find out whether this procedure might be covered by their medical insurance as a medically necessary treatment.

The Body Lift Procedure and Recovery

Body lift surgery helps improve the appearance of the entire lower or upper body. As a result, this surgery is a comprehensive treatment that requires four to eight hours to complete. Body lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and patients usually spend one to three nights in the hospital so that their recovery can be monitored.

The precise surgical manipulations performed during each body lift treatment depend on the needs and desires of the particular Miami / Boynton Beach body lift patient. Generally, the lower body lift involves incisions in the hip and lower back areas. Excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened. The lower body lift often also includes a thigh lift or tummy tuck surgery to improve the appearance of the stomach.  The upper body lift typically requires incisions along the bra lines in order to remove the “bra bulge” and tighten the skin under the breasts.

During the recovery from body lift surgery, Dr. Gibstein performs frequent postsurgical examinations to ensure that the body is healing properly. Most of Dr. Gibstein’s Miami / Boynton Beach body lift patients are able to resume light physical activity after four weeks. The full recovery is usually accomplished within two to three months.

Contact Lee A. Gibstein, MD

Dr. Gibstein and his team of medical professionals understand that undergoing body lift surgery is a life-altering decision. They will be with you every step of the way and help you through the presurgery, surgery and recovery periods. Start your journey toward tighter, slimmer body contours today by clicking here or calling (305) 865-2802. In addition to body lift surgery, Dr. Gibstein and his team also offer tummy tuck, arm lift and liposuction in Miami. Furthermore, Dr. Gibstein is also regarded as a skilled Miami labiaplasty and fat transfers provider.

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